Pete Burns and His Plastic Surgery: Can't. Look. Away.

Pete BurnsDo you know who Pete Burns is?

Neither do I.

But you won't forget him after this post ...

The 51-year-old former front man of '80s pop band Dead or Alive has made a startling comeback ... as a plastic surgery addict!

And you won't believe whose look he's trying to copy!

On second thought -- maybe you will.

"I see exactly what I want to see, a human Bratz doll," he said during an appearance on British ITV less than a month ago (a still from that appearance is pictured above).

This week, British tabloids are speculating he's had even more work done -- take a look at these photos of him, shot earlier this week.


I don't know about you, but seeing all the plastic surgery and Botox photos surfacing lately, whether they're of Pete Burns, Meg Ryan, or "Pete Burns Jr" Heidi Montag, is really putting me off trying anything on my face as I age.

I'm seeing too many actresses panic and start messing with their faces as they hit their 40s, and too often, they end up absolutely ruining their original beauty.

And maybe this is a good thing for us to witness. For me, anyway, injections, lifts, nips, and tucks are losing their allure. Give me a beautiful woman with wrinkles any day over a too-taut, emotionless, shiny-faced aging Hollywood film star.

How about you? Are the latest photos of Botox disasters, collagen catastrophes, and awful plastic surgery turning you off these anti-aging procedures?


Image via Splash News

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vicesix vicesix

I know...terrible isn't it? He was really cute in the 80's, though not necessarily my type, lol. I can't believe you don't remember him..."What I really need to do is find myself a brand new lover" doesn't ring any bells? :)

It's a shame to see him looking like this.

nonmember avatar momNikki

Kinda looks like Kim Kardashian!

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

Here he was in the 80's. How sad that he couldn't be happy the way he was.

Marsh... MarshaCWP

He needs to get together with Donna Karan's headband models.  They could have a great Halloween party.

Britt... Brittanyaaron

This man was beautiful in his younger years, before all of this.  Why did ge change? He was born beautiful...

nonmember avatar Michelle

I have a hard time looking at him. And that woman who wants to look like a cat. So disturbing! And very sad.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Oh Ew. I thought he was trying to emmulate Cher, but Brat dolls makes perfect sense too.

Carey... Carey2006

So sad......

tonya... tonyalynn

he looks gross

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