Jennifer Garner Is a Sloppy Mom, Too!

Jennifer GarnerIf you are a busy mom, your outfits are more than likely chosen for their lack of wrinkles and comfort as opposed to actual style -- who can chase a toddler wearing heels?

Which is why I always feel bad when these gossip rags take photos of celebrity moms looking like, heaven forbid, a busy mom, with big X's across their outfit and "Fashion Don't" slapped as the headline.

Harsh much?

And actress Jennifer Garner knows exactly how that feels. She reveals to The Stir in a recent interview about being dressed as a busy mom, and her beauty secret for staying sane.


"You see pictures and you see this harried woman in jeans and sneakers, running around and just lucky if  I get a shower, but it's pretty much the same as every other mom out there. You know, I can't dress up every day, it's just not in my nature. Even if I own the clothes, which by the way I do, I look at them and think 'I can't be a mom in those clothes,' they just don't suit me." 

So what's her secret to combat falling into the frazzled-looking mom trap? "I do think that it's important for yourself every now and then (and sorry I can't send you my hair and makeup team because you would be thrilled with the results!) to put on some makeup, blow out your hair, and get dressed up just for the heck of it and walk around as a reminder that you're as beautiful to yourself as you are to your kids."

Do you make sure to do yourself up every once in awhile (even if we don't have a whole makeup team)?

Image via Weber Shandwick


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