There's Nothing Fashionable About Wearing Clothes You Can't Afford

Teresa Giuduce

Nice... but can you pay for it?

I ran into an acquaintance several weeks ago who really grated on my nerves, although I couldn't say why at the time.

Later, though, it hit me.

She spent the entire time talking on and on about various high-end designers and how she would only wear this one or that one.

She dropped names of all the pricey boutiques in town and let me know she was a regular customer at all of them.

She clearly believed that her clothes gave her status ... but there was one glaring problem. I know for a fact that she doesn't have the means to support her designer clothing habit.

This, in my opinion, is when fashion gets stupid.

Why do so many women fall prey to buying clothing, shoes, and bags that they clearly can't afford?


Real Housewife Teresa Giuduce is a prime example of this phenomenon. Despite the fact that she and her husband filed for bankruptcy last year, reports have surfaced that she went on a $60,000 spending spree just a few days afterward.

When the whole world knows she's broke, why on earth does she think that expensive clothing and furniture would make her look good in anyone's eyes?

Even on a smaller scale, why would someone making $50,000 a year think they'd get more respect if they owned a pair of $1,000 Louboutins?

What I love about fashion is that now more than ever, it's possible to look good on a budget -- to copy many of the looks we see on the runway with affordable knockoffs.

What I hate about fashion is this misguided notion that there's anything desirable about wearing or carrying something we clearly couldn't afford to bu -- and I'm not talking about the Kate Spade bag you found on deep discount, or the Prada shoes your mom's wealthy friend gave her that didn't fit and were passed down to you. I'm talking about the Teresa Giuduces we all know, who have to have expensive clothing and accessories, even when it puts their families in debt.

What are your thoughts on the subject?


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