Foundation: Do You Wear It?

SephoraI haven't worn foundation in years.

I never liked it much anyway; wearing even a little made my face feel coated and oily. The moment I found M.A.C. Studiofix, which goes on like a powder but covers like a foundation, I was hooked. That was 12 years ago and I haven't looked back.

Until recently. 

Lately, all the celebrity makeup artists in all the fashion magazines are constantly mentioning foundation as the first step in creating a flawless face. Had foundation changed in the 12 years since I'd used it? Were pretty young things really using it on a regular basis, as opposed to late night drugstore clerks and little old ladies?

I was determined to find out.


I opted to try DuWop's Foundation of Youth (Sephora, $38), after the company kindly sent me a sample.

It promises to "plump the skin and restore suppleness and firmness, reversing the effects of environmental pollutants, stress, and time. A powerful antioxidant cocktail of Matrixyl 3000 and marine-based emollients delivers instant effects that will smooth skin's texture and create a fresh, youthful look."

Sounded good to me!

I used just a tiny bit of foundation on my skin -- and that was all that was needed. Foregoing the built-in applicator brush, I used my fingers to rub some into my face, and followed up with a little concealer and a tiny dusting of powder. The result?

Honestly, I totally forgot I was wearing foundation at all. I did the same with the foundation the next morning and it wasn't until I looked in the mirror hours later and thought, Hey, my skin is looking really good lately! that I realized ...


So in my opinion, yes, the newest incarnation of foundation (at least the one I've tried!) is lightweight and non-oily, and it feels so natural that I totally forget I'm wearing foundation every single time.

This is a good thing, since I was beginning to notice that StudioFix settles in fine lines. Now that I've hit my mid-30s, the last thing I want to do is accentuate my wrinkles.


Anyway, now I'm wondering how many of you out there wear foundation. Do you have a favorite formula, or one you use for special occasions? Would you consider wearing it?


Image via Sephora

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