Do You Regret Your College Tattoo?


Mommy's Got a Tattoo

When I was in college in the mid '90s, tattoos were all the rage.

Tattoo parlors abounded in my college town, and many of the tattoo artists in Athens, Georgia really were fantastic with the pen.

I was envious of some of my friends' tattoos of ancient symbols and quotes from great literary minds. But I resisted the urge to get one of my own, mostly because I couldn't imagine having to live with it for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I mean, surely I'd be a totally different person at 35 than I was at 19, right?

Nowadays, I see moms all the time with tattoos from days of yore, visible just beneath their capris at playgroup meetings, or peeping out from the backs of their strapless dresses at cocktail parties.

And I have to wonder ...


Do they regret that dolphin chain on their ankle from Spring Break '94? Do they wish they'd never let their now ex-boyfriend talk them into the barbed wire that still encircles their upper arm 15 years later?

I'm sure plenty of you have tattoos from your college days or early 20s.

How do you feel about those tattoos now? Do you regret them, or are they a pleasant reminder of your youth? Do you worry about what people think when they see those tattoos on you today? Do you hide your old tattoos, or do you flaunt them?

I can't wait to read what you all have to say!


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