What to Wear if You're Karen Owen

Karen OwenBy now you've surely heard of Karen Owen, the Duke University grad whose PowerPoint presentation detailing and rating her male conquests during college went viral on the Internet recently.

From her picture, I can see that Karen's already got the prerequisite hoochie tube dress in her arsenal.

But there are other weapons of mass seduction that might come in handy for Ms. Owen, should she want to pursue a Masters in the subject of hooking up with random men.

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1. A condom dress.

Condom Dress

When you're Karen Owen, research can take place anywhere and at any time. You might as well make sure you're ready by wearing a dress made of condoms the next time you're in da club. Better safe than sorry, Kare-Kare!


2. Chafing Cream.



We know it by its unofficial name: Primer.

But Karen Owen is going to need to use Monistat chafing cream for an altogether different purpose. Then she'll no longer have to complain about not being able to walk the day after particularly vigorous "research."


3. A Scarlet Letter Halloween Costume


Karen OwenSome might call Karen Owen a modern-day Hester Prynne, and you know what they say...  If the Scarlet Letter fits, wear it... This would make a great Halloween option, Karen!


4. A Duke Lacrosse Jersey

Duke Lacrosse JerseyLacrosse players were a favorite with Karen. Why not show the team a little public love with a Duke Lacrosse jersey?


5. Dark glasses

Yves St Laurent glassesFace it, when your name is Karen Owen, you might feel a sudden urge to go incognita 24/7. That's where a nice, big pair of dark glasses comes in handy. I like this $245 Yves St Laurent pair, myself...

What do you think of Karen Owen's antics? Got any what to wear ideas for her?


Images (top to bottom): , China Photos/Getty Images, Drugstore.com, BuyCostumes.com, Football Fanatics, Net a Porter

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