'Project Runway' Recap: Poison Ivy Is Back

Project RunwayWe're down to the final six on Project Runway. Heidi introduces a "twist" to help take up the hour and a half show. All the designers have to switch their models!! Really. Large. Sigh.

For the next challenge, Heidi Klum will be their client. They have to design a head-to-toe outfit for her line for New Balance. Gretchen calls it "fashion activewear." Heidi brought out six of her looks so the designers can get a better idea of what to do.

Great, a show that features them making sweatpants. This one should be good.

There's no print and no color (cue a Mondo heart attack) and Heidi's providing the fabric, but they can buy other fabric at Mood. The winning fashion will be produced and sold at Amazon.com.

All of them are worried about designing activewear. But they also get some help from some old friends/enemies.


Heidi comes by for a critique. Mondo gives her a little bit of attitude when she can't even get on the dress he designed, it was way too small. Heidi says there's no reason for him to be rude, but Mondo claims he's just hurt. Heidi and Gretchen butt heads as well, as Heidi isn't sure why Gretchen would make an outfit that isn't out of her fabric since it has to be produced out of the fabric anyway. Hard to believe how disrespectful the designers have been to Heidi.

Of course, Heidi drops a bomb: The designers have to create TWO additional looks. But then Tim sends in all the eliminated designers, aka everyone who hated Michael C.

Mondo picks Valerie; Gretchen picks Casanova; Christopher picks Ivy (why god why?); Michael C. picks AJ; April picks Peach; while Andy is left with Michael D.

Ivy asks Michael C. how he feels to still be in the competition. Michael C. says he couldn't believe he was still there. Ivy, taking a second to whip out her fangs, asked him, "Why? Because you cheated?"


She claims he taped a dress from the Jackie O. challenge to his model. Ivy is so bitter! Even Gretchen is tired of the drama! She accuses Michael C. of sabotaging everyone, but when he asks for specific examples, of course she couldn't think of any. Then she goes on about how she and a couple others deserved to be in his spot instead (um, Ivy, your designs were terrible). She proceeds to go around telling everyone how she called Michael C. out, claiming she was "taking one for the team." She can't seem to get anyone to care, thank goodness.

Tim finally lays down the law: The judges didn't see anything, there was nothing in the workroom, and the multiple cameras didn't see anything. It's in the past. No point in bringing it up. Way to shut down Ivy, Tim. I love you.

After all this drama, let's see how the designers did. The guest judge this week is Norma Kamali, a fashion designer. Three looks for each designer? Get ready for lots of photos!

Here are your top 3:

Project Runway 8

Project Runway 8Project Runway 8

Mondo: He got rid of the outfits Heidi hated, and says he played with the ideas of a triangle, circle, and a square. Michael K. loves the weird headbands and thinks that Mondo did well dealing with the muted palette. He doesn't like the looks from the waist down though. Nina likes how there's satin in the jacket. Norma and Heidi are fans too. Seeing that Mondo couldn't work with patterns or colors, I think he did a good job, as the tops are definitely wearable yet fashionable.


Project Runway 8

Project Runway 8

Project Runway 8

April: Michael K. loves the arm band on the dress at the right; he says active definitely not, unless you're going to a party, but it's sophisticated. Norma thinks color is the biggest issue, but she likes the dress with the arm band too. Heidi says it could be something you could wear after the gym. Her least favorite is the one with the little shorts. Not sure if I like the dress with the arm band, as it looks like she's wearing a tent. And I'd never buy a pair of shorts THAT short while out and about, but then again, I do prefer sweat pants.


Project Runway 8Project Runway 8Project Runway 8

Andy: Heidi thinks he did a lot in two days, while Michael K. says they're exciting but super-wearable. Nina says, upon closer look, it looks a little Halloween, and the hoodie adds to that effect. But each piece is good on its own. Norma thinks the dress is very sweet and has a classic look to it. I like how Andy put a little pattern into his designs, and even though large stripes aren't my thing, I could see how others would find the outfits wearable.

Here are the bottom 3:Project Runway 8Project Runway 8Project Runway 8

Michael C: Heidi says he introduced a lot of new colors into the line. The pieces don't look athletic to her. Michael K. says even though they're oversized doesn't make them relaxed-looking. He thinks Michael tried too hard to make them look fancy. Nina believes the styling and unnecessary accessorizing were problematic. I think these looks are rather hideous. The colors are awful and the dress in the middle is ill-fitting and the belt unnecessary. I don't know why Michael C. went in this direction, as I really wanted him to get into the top after what he had to deal with since Ivy got back. Can't always get what you want ...


Project Runway 8Project Runway 8Project Runway 8

Christopher: Michael K. says these clothes look super-cheap -- no one would pay more than $10 for them. He quips the dress is "sadness personified." Heidi says the butterfly top doesn't go with the other pieces. Norma says it's evident he wasn't in love with his looks. I agree these looks don't go together, and the slit in the pants is just weird. The top on the right is super-sad looking. Chris has been in the bottom too many times and his designs are so boring. Time for him to go?


Project Runway 8Project Runway 8Project Runway 8

Gretchen: Heidi says there are pieces that she can't see people wearing to be casual. Skirt with peekaboo leggings? She says they hurt her eyes. Of course Gretchen says it's a difference of opinion. Nina says it looks very forced. Heidi says the gray coat looks like a bathrobe. Gretchen of course disagrees and says they just have a difference in opinion. Michael K. says the shoes, turbans, and necklaces aren't helping, the styling is awful. These outfits were over-stylized and I can't imagine wearing these, maybe except the one on the left, as "activewear."

Andy wins! Way to redeem yourself from last week and your mom crisis, buddy. All three of his looks will be sold for New Balance on Amazon.com. Heidi was only planning on one but decided on all three. He and his 2-foot-tall hair rejoiced!

Christopher's out. Michael C. is safe. Ivy faints out of despair. Wait, just kidding about that last part. Chris has been unimpressive for the past few weeks, so unfortunately he deserves to go. But can Michael C. step it up after being in the bottom? Only five designers left, and thank goodness this number doesn't include Ivy. Let's just give the title to Mondo already.

What did you think about Ivy's accusations? Did you think Christopher deserved to go home and Andy deserved to win?


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