Rose McGowan Needs a New Fall Jacket

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
Okay, Rose McGowan, I know you're just at the airport, and you're on your way to Walter Reed Hospital to see our troops, and I believe that is such a wonderful thing. You are a really good person doing a really good thing. However, we really need to do something about that jacket. 

That frumpy, faded, faux-fur-lined black jacket (or wait, is that a sweatshirt? eeesh!) isn't doing anything for you. And frankly, you don't have any excuses not to have a better jacket than that. Even on the go. Even at the airport. We know you're a total babe and have a Charmed bankroll.

There are a gazillion great fall jackets out this season. There's simply no excuse not to own a good one. We've rounded up seven comfortable, stylish, and affordable jackets -- all under $100, in fact -- that are a lot better than, er, that awful thing Rose is wearing.

Rose, did I mention you're a really good person though? And your hair sure looks pretty and healthy.


7 Stylish Fall Jackets Under $100

There are a few trends I'm loving in fall jackets this year -- a lovely feminine shape (thank you, Mad Men) created by an hourglass cut or a belted waist and gorgeous design details and structures that make each jacket more of a statement piece than strictly a functional piece in your wardrobe.

zip jacket black

If a casual, black zip-up is what you like, as does Rose McGowan, take a look at this Get With Zip Jacket in Blacktop ($59.99). Fitted and not frumpy, that's the idea.

Rover Anorak Jacket

Here's a pretty raincoat -- the Rover Anorak Jacket ($54.99) from Spotted Moth -- that would go well with Rose's casual travel outfit. This jacket will give you a waist (or accentuate the one you've got) and offers a much more put-together look than a bulky hoodie.

poncho black

Want a jacket that's soft but has a more edgy but sophisticated shape this season? This Wool Poncho With Leather Edging ($79.90) at ZARA is a good bet.

coat rain gray

How great-looking is this slate gray Keep Your Cowl Coat by Knitted Dove ($81) at LuLu's? Even with jeans and tee underneath, you'll look like you're going places.

plum cord jacket

Corduroy feels nice. This Factory Cord Eden Jacket in Rich Plum ($62.50) at J.Crew Factory is the perfect fall coat when you want to add a little rich color in the mix. Love it in Nut brown and Natural white, too.

olive parka jacket

Love the neutral color and the ruffled collar on this Olive Parka Jacket ($78) at Torrid. Simple and pretty.

velvet nehru jacket gold

Bold color and soft velvet. Now that's the good stuff. I'm all over this gorgeous Velvet Nehru Jacket in Rich Gold ($98) at Boden. Also comes in Chocolate brown, Elderberry purple and Twilight blue.

Which fall coat style is your favorite this season?


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