'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Lucha Libre Never Looked So Haute

Americas Next Top Model
On America's Next Top Model, Amazonian Ann took the best photo title for the fourth week.

Talk about cat-fights! Reeor!

The America's Next Top Model contestants got down and dirty, Mexican-style. They dressed up as luchadores, saucy mask-wearing Mexican wrestlers who are all about bringing the drama. And oh, how the drama was brung.


But first things first. The girls faced a runway challenge that had them marching down a running conveyor belt -- all while rocking some super-fab Herve Leroux gowns. Eeeeps! Naturally, comedy ensured.

This challenge, Miss Jay assured them, was all about maintaining their composure. Because "girl, fashion is a risk," he told one contestant who worried about her fab frock getting caught in the conveyor belt.

And not many managed to hack it, but square-jawed Kacey -- still much hated amongst the rest of the gang -- took the prize this week for showing grace under pressure. Kayla, Chris, and Liz -- who was in the bottom two last week -- also did well, while judge-favorite Ann and low-ranked Lexie bombed big time.

Naturally, there was drama when the girls got back to the house, given the already-existing ill-will toward Kacey -- and the fact that she flaunted her win. But the drama died down once Andre Leon Talley showed up at the girls' Venice Beach manse, toting along guest judge Karolina Kurkova, who gave the ladies a crash course in healthy living by whipping up some fruit and veggie smoothies.

Glad the girls got energized -- because they were about to be thrown into the ring with a bunch of over-sized masked Mexican wrestlers in what's been one of the more fun photo shoots this season. The ladies lived large in glittery leotards, fishnets, hair pieces, dramatic makeup, and some awesome gold D&G boots for smug Kacey. Most of them managed to have a good time with this one, but Ann surprisingly froze in the ring, near tears because she feared she wasn't delivering what the photographer wanted. One-note Lexie and stiff Ivy League grad Jane also had a rough go of it -- and naturally, they're the two who ended up fighting it out in the two bottom spots.

Lexie was sent packing -- and if you've been tuning in, you knew it was a long time coming.

Surprisingly, despite her in-ring mishaps, Ann took the best photo this week again -- setting a record in Tyra-land by winning the first four best photos in a row. She's definitely the one to beat this season. But the second best photo belonged to Chris, who without sister Terra there to hold her back, will also be a major contender.

Do you think Amazonian Ann can win best photo five weeks in a row?

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