Jennifer Aniston Style Hair Minus Cancer: Impossible Dream?

Women will do just about anything to look like Jennifer Aniston with her long, shiny, healthy, flowing locks of straight hair. Her hair is the "ideal" and we mortals are just trying to iron, heat, and style our way toward it.

In recent months, celebrities and beauty bloggers have been abuzz over the "Brazilian Blowout." It was touted as the best way to get months of straight hair without pesky side effects -- like carcinogens. Oy.

Yes, most of the intense straighteners were made with formaldehyde, except the Brazilian Blowout! Not them!

Except they were lying.


According to Lemondrop:

Samples of the brand's Brazilian Blowout Solution and Acai Professional Smoothing Solution were found to contain dangerously high levels of formaldehyde in a lab analysis by researchers at Oregon Health and Science University's Center for Research on Occupational Environmental Toxicology.


The samples were collected in a Portland salon after stylists reported difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, and eye irritation while using Brazilian Blowout products on customers.

How far are we really willing to go for straight hair? I have a better idea! Instead of getting cancer, let's focus on how our own hair can be beautiful with our own blow dryer or just letting it air dry. Curly hair is pretty, too.

Think of Gisele Bundchen's waves and Keri Russell's curls. Do they need carcinogenic straightening products to be beautiful? No? Then neither do we.

This just makes me so angry.

Have you tried the Brazilian Blowout?


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