Lady Gaga Meat Dress Lacks This Perfect Accessory

Brittny Drye

meat necklaceAdmit it, when you saw Lady Gaga step out at the VMAs this year, dripping with meat, you thought, "Hot! I bet that'd look great as a necklace, too!"

Oh, you didn't?

Well someone did. Introducing ... drum roll, please ...

The Meat-Lace! (Get it? Someone sure was breaking out the creative juices when coming up with the name.)

It's not made from actual meat, just shaped to look like a slab of steak (well in that case ... no I still would never wear this). But if for some reason you find this meat chic, you can buy your very own from Onch Movement for $55, which is ironically around the same amount you'd pay for a filet mignon at a fancy restaurant. And I love their description for it:

The MEAT-LACE is guaranteed to never spoil! No matter how many times you wear it, the MEAT-LACE will look just as fresh and delicious as the day it was first cut. Need to add flavor to an outfit? Grab a slab and some attention with the MEAT-LACE, perfect for any occasion.

I think they were trying to see how many meat references they could get in one paragraph.

Would you ever wear this faux meat necklace? Think meat-inspired items will become a trend in fashion now?


Image via Onch Movement


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