Science Deems $150 Jeans a Good Deal (Thanks, Science!)


Levi's Jeans

I love science, don't you? Especially when science decides that expensive jeans are totally worth every penny. Hallelujah!

Now I've always said that you should fork it out for a perfect pair of jeans no matter the price -- because feeling good is worth it and having well-fitting, go-to jeans is frankly life altering. However, now science makes an even better case for pricey denim.


Found via Lemondrop, recent statistics -- as published in a report for London’s Science Museum to support its Trash Fashion: Designing Out Waste exhibition -- state that we wear our jeans an average of 428 times per pair before we toss them out. That's compared with leggings at an average cost of $16 a pair, which only get worn 68 times -- so $0.23 a wear. And in fact, based on this study, underwear and T-shirts are the only garments that get more wear than our jeans!

Exciting news, huh? Of course, it means we should take our investment in jeans very very seriously. So let's get serious and look at some popular but pricey jeans and see just how LITTLE they really cost us per wear.

Here's the price breakdown per wear on some of the most popular expensive jeans (according to science!):

Shown above: Levi's Demi Curve Straight Love Worn Jeans ($98) at Levi's -- Just $0.23 a Wear!

acne jeans

Acne "Kex" Low-Rise Skinny Jeans ($319) at Bloomingdale's -- Just $0.75 a Wear!

true religion jeans

True Religion Tori Jeans ($198) at True Religion  -- Just $0.46 a Wear!

joe's jeans

Joe's Mini Bootcut ($172) at Anthropologie -- Just $0.40 a Wear!

7 for all mankind jeans

7 For All Mankind Skinny Jeans ($155) at Nordstrom -- Just $0.36 a Wear!

not your daughter's jeans

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Plus Size Cropped Jeans ($108) at Bloomingdale's -- Just $0.25 a Wear!

What can I say? Science made us do it, and science is very, very smart.

What do you think? Is this enough justification for you to go invest in some expensive jeans?


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