Bleached-Out Eyebrows: Would You Do It?

marc jacobs eyebrows bleached model
As seen at Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Runway Show
What beauty trend was big at the Marc Jacobs and Rodarte Spring 2011 Runway Shows this year? Eyebrowlessness. That's right. Bleached eyebrows.

Bleached eyebrows aren't really new. Gwen Stefani bleached her eyebrows way back in 2007 and freaked everyone out. However, we didn't think the invisi-brow trend would stick. But here's Katherine Heigl with bleached-out brows last month. Oh, those crazy blondes, thinking they don't need their eyebrows ...


About this eyebrow look at the Marc Jacobs show, François Nars, founder and creative director of Nars Cosmetics said, "Completely eradicated." And in fact, this eyebrowlessness worked in distinct contrast to this season's bold-brow trend.

At both the Marc Jacobs and Rodarte shows, Colorist and Wella Professionals Color Ambassador, Laurie Foley, lightened arches to a bleached blonde with Wella’s Blondor Lightening Powder to complete a ‘70s glam look for intense contrast

Bleached blonde brows have seen a few seasons of dominance in Europe and just recently made it over to the US. They make a major statement and really compliment the entire look,” commented Laurie.

Okay, so I get that invisible brows can help bring out dramatic eyes, lips, and hair on the runway. And I've definitely had days where I thought my eyebrows were just in the way of everything else on my face. However, is this the answer for us regular folk? Is this a look that anyone should wear in real life?

I think most of us would look like aliens or mutants or simply strange at best sans eyebrows. There are just some beauty trends that can only work on the runway or in fashion magazines. That said, I'll be keeping my eyebrows.

Have you or would you rock the bleached-out eyebrows look?


Image via Elizabeth Lippman from StyleList

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