Keira Knightley Chops It Off

Keira KnightleyWell, I know one woman who's not keeping her hair long for her man ...

Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley!

At Paris Fashion Week's Chanel show today, Knightley debuted this brand-new look, and while it's a bob we've all seen before, on her it totally works!

Of course, this is a girl who could probably shave her head and still look gorgeous (much like Jeanne Sager).

Her long hair was also lovely, but I have to admit that the short hair really lets her face take center stage -- and in her case, that's a good thing!

So now, in honor of Keira's new 'do, I'm making a Hollywood checklist ...

Bobs that worked.

And bobs that didn't.

Care to see it?

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Bobs that worked

Victoria Beckham: The bob that every mall hairstylist on earth copied.

Katie Holmes: Probably my favorite bob of all time.

Rihanna: Wish she still had this bob. And this hair color.

Jenny McCarthy: Classy, sexy, soft.

Bobs that didn't work

Katy Perry: Fug-geddabout it.

Reese Witherspoon: Proof that a square face and a bob with bangs do not mix.

Eva Longoria: Her bob wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't her best look, either.

Paris Hilton: Blaaaaah.

The long and short of it? Bobs are an iffy proposition. I had one at one point and loved it -- but I also had a fantastic stylist. I wouldn't trust my bob with anyone else.

My advice? If you're thinking of getting a dramatic new 'do and you don't have a hairstylist that you KNOW can do it right, look around your town or among your friends until you find someone with the exact haircut you crave -- then ask her who her stylist is. That was my mom's advice, and it's how I found my "bob" stylist -- and true to form, he made my hair look every bit as gorgeous as the girl whose look I copied!

Who would you add to my celebrity lists? And what do you think of Keira's new look?


Image via Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images

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