Eat This Ice Cream and Look Younger ... For a Price

Anti-aging is a billion-dollar industry and if the proof is in the pudding, the trick to winning the anti-aging war might be in the ice cream.

Yep, you read that right. Anti-aging ice cream is in the works according to both Allure Magazine and Ben and Jerry's.

The yummy treat will now contain anti-aging antioxidants that will keep the skin supple and young, but make the body ... fat?

Oh yes, it's that age-old question: Do we choose the body or the face? Which will make us look younger?

And, though I hate to admit it, the answer is actually quite obvious. Antioxidants are great, but it's the fat in the ice cream that will really keep us looking youthful.

How is that?


Think about the biggest Hollywood stars:

  • Angelina Jolie: She is 35, but she looks about 46. Why? Because she's too darn thin. A youthful face is a plumper one (think Katherine Heigl). A face that has lost all fat looks older, more tired, and drained, kind of like ...
  • Madonna: Also a victim of the way-too-thin look. Seriously, girlfriend could Botox until the cows come home and she's still going to look her age (or older) because of the sinewy muscle she apparently thinks is sexy. Vintage Madonna with her baby fat was so much sexier and youthful looking.
  • Teri Hatcher: It's great that Hatcher is posting makeup-less photos of herself to encourage a more natural look. I love her cause, but this actress is way too thin and every year shows on her face.

There are many more examples of this. When will stars learn? Looking too thin is worse than a little bit of weight ... 

What do you think, would you rather be heavy and young-looking or skinny and older-looking?


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