Will Bedbugs Keep You Away From Consignment Sales and Thrift Stores?

FlickrSeveral months ago, I went to Goodwill for a column I was writing in a local magazine, and wrote about all my finds.

Thirty minutes of searching netted me a like-new Dana Buchman sweater, a gorgeous Ann Taylor sundress, an Isaac Mizrahi sheath dress, a striped boatneck top, and a trendy striped cardigan, all for under $30!

I was thinking recently of returning for more deals, but one tiny thing is holding me back.

One tiny, six-legged, biting thing ...



With all the news stories about bedbugs recently, I'm paranoid that the creatures will somehow make their way into our house. And since I've heard of more than one family that has literally left their home and never returned because of bedbugs, WE CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN.

The thought of bedbugs or their eggs in thrift store, vintage store, or, HORRORS, consignment sale clothes hadn't even occurred to me until I read an article about it in my local newspaper, The Tennessean.

When our resident "Ms. Cheap" is worried about bedbugs in used clothing, it's time for all of us to worry, y'all!

The article recommends checking out the Environmental Protection Agency's website for the best bedbug information out there. Ms. Cheap also advises examining any used clothing you want to buy carefully for signs of infestation, and of washing used clothing you bring home in hot water and running it in a hot dryer.

Personally, though, the thought of bringing home bedbugs is enough to put me off my used clothing searches this year -- which is really too bad, because I generally rely on consignment sales for much of my kids' wardrobes.

What about you? Is fear of bedbugs making you think twice about buying used clothing?


Image via Liz Novack/Flickr

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