Bug-Inspired Jewelry, Bright Metallics & More News

fly broochI think it's safe to say that we're all fans of fashion, but sometimes, fashion goes down the road, er runway, that's far less traveled. Designers create clothing for shock factor instead of actually being wearable. Here are some of my most recent favorites:

  • Accessory designers must have been inspired by the recent bedbug outbreak in NYC, or maybe the beetles found in Similac. Regardless of their reasoning, bugs are chic for Spring 2011. Ick. -- Glamour
  • During Paris Fashion Week, a designer debuted a square collection. No, it wasn't uncool, it was literally squared. I feel like we should begin to worry when the models are two-dimensional. -- The Frisky
  • You might need your sunglasses for this one. Alexander Wang lit up the Paris runways with his bright iridescent collection. I'm almost positive there could have been a blackout and it wouldn't have made a difference. -- Elle


Image via GlitzUK/Flickr

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