Goodbye Pantyhose! Hello Sheer Tights!

Hanes Sheer Reflections Sheer TightsBack in the days when I worked in an office place, pantyhose were the bane of my existence.

Bare legs just didn't cut it with my newsgirl suits, and as a result, I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years on pantyhose.

Since I was on the go all day, I had to have hosiery that was both durable and comfortable -- I typically spent between $14 and $26 per pair, and even then, they would sometimes run just seconds after I'd put them on.


Now that I'm a work at home mom, I rarely wear pantyhose -- I much prefer tights, which can last a year or two if I'm careful. I've always wondered why they couldn't combine the technology of tights and pantyhose and make a product that would look like hose, but act like tights. Well, ladies, my prayers have been answered ...

Hanes sent me two pairs of its new Silk Reflections Sheer Tights, which are what they call "a perfect balance between sheer and opaque." I couldn't wait to try them out -- if you haven't noticed, black hose are all the rage for fall, and I was hoping these sheer tights would help me rock the look.

So! I've worn a pair all day long today, walking around downtown and sitting with both kids in my lap for two hours at Toy Story 3 on Ice -- and the tights still look fantastic! There are no runs, pulls, or snags.

What's more, they're control-top and they're also incredibly silky-feeling and comfortable -- even more comfortable than an upscale pair of pantyhose. Plus, they feel durable, so I'm not constantly worried about what's brushing up against (or sitting on top of) my legs.

Best of all? They're 10 dollars a pair! And they come in Jet, Granite, Nude, Gentlebrown, and Plum. Goodbye, pantyhose.


Now I'd love to know how you feel about pantyhose. Have you sworn them off? Do you spend up? Do you still buy yours in an egg at the grocery store? Are you as excited about these sheer tights as I am? Tell me in the comments!

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Disclosure: Hanes sent me two pairs of Silk Reflections Sheer Tights to facilitate my review. My opinions are my own.

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Elizabeth Pattison

I have not worn pantyhose for years, can't stand them. Even when I was working, I couldn't stand them. I gave away all my unworn ones to others. I don't know about these sheer tights, I have to try them out to see. Most likely a no, just too constrain for my taste, especailly here in LA, I rather go bare legs.

Patty Grimm

HATE panty hose, can't even stand saying that so I call them nylons. I used to work in a suit-wearing office and worn them every day. In summer I could hardly stand putting them on. I always wore Hanes Silk Reflections, even switched to the thigh highs when I was pregnant because I loved the way they felt and how well they stayed up! Excited about the new tights. Love them in the winter. I'm just not a fan of the "nude" color. I use Jemma Kidd's Show Stopper body glow on my legs year round and it looks just like I have nylons on. I get it at Target.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Good to know about, Patty! I'll have to look for that at Target. :) All of us need "nylons" every once in a while at least- These are now going to be my go-to brand. 

theAm... theAmberShow

is it me, or are panyhose dated?  I'm 28, so when I was, like 13, getting to wear pantyhose to church was a huge deal. 

These, however, look awesome.  I'll be tryting them; sometimes tights are a bit of overkill opaqueness for me.  My grandmother is always teling me, "You have cute legs!  Show them off!"

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I think nude pantyhose are dated. Black pantyhose, however, are totally in this season, particularly with cocktail or date night dresses.

Also, there are just occasions when bare legs won't do. I always try to keep at least one pair of pantyhose in my drawer, and I always end up needing them every couple of years at least...

RanaA... RanaAurora

Lindsay... what's the difference between tights, pantyhose and nylons?

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Pantyhose and nylons are the same thing- They're very thin and sheer and get runs in them very easily. Tights are thicker and more durable, and almost never run. They're usually opaque, but clearly they no longer have to be.

The next time you're at a department store, stop by the hosiery department. They have samples of pantyhose on the racks, so that you can assess them for color- You can get a good idea of the differences in fabrics by looking at them.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Thanks Lindsay!

nonmember avatar BikiniMommy

Want these!! Are they available now?

Marsh... MarshaCWP

I'll have to check these out.  I wear tights all winter, but they're too hot to wear when the weather warms up.  I wonder if the sheer tights would be cooler.

I don't like going to work in bare legs, so in warmer weather I frequently choose longer skirts that I can wear knee-hi's with.  I don't wear regular hose very often.

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