Spray On Clothes: Is This the Fashion of the Future?

Daily MailPainted-on clothing is nothing new -- remember Sports Illustrated's painted-on swimsuit issue?

But the inventors of Fabrican are offerings something entirely different -- a spray that actually transforms itself into fabric once it's on your body.

According to the Daily Mail, inventors worked for 10 years to perfect Fabrican, and they're hoping it will soon change how we all get dressed forever.

It's not quite ready for sale yet, but one writer already has put it to the test ...


Laura Stott allowed Fabrican to be sprayed directly onto her body (she did wear silicone pasties) and documented the process -- to her surprise (and mine), once the fabric dried, it formed a t-shirt that she could actually take off and wear again later!

Read her story and see pictures of the process from start to finish here -- it's actually quite fascinating.

But while Fabrican would be fun to try out as a novelty, I can't imagine it will ever catch on as a trend.

For one thing, Laura's finished product wasn't pretty -- it had a weird dip in the front from the spray and if you saw her on the street in the tee, you'd think she had on a top that was very poorly made.

For another, you couldn't get dressed on your own with Fabrican -- someone else would have to spray the product onto you. Kinky, yes. Practical? No.

Although this video from Fabrican's official website is cracking. Me. Up.

Spray me, baby.

What do you think of Fabrican? Is this the wave of the fashion future? Or did Fabrican's inventors just completely waste 10 years of their lives?

Image via Daily Mail

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