Halloween Makeup Removal Tips Your Skin Will Love

Halloween makeupAt the end of Halloween night, when all of the vampires have returned to their caskets and the witches have taken flight on their broomsticks, we head back to our own homes and strip away the glittery remnants of the night's festivities.

Even if you're beyond the point of exhaustion that no amount of candy can resuscitate you from, you still must remove your makeup before heading to bed. No excuses. Even if it's simply whiskers, the Halloween makeup that you buy in stores is super-thick, and clogs up your pores way worse than your average eyeliner. So while you may get away with falling onto your pillows, eyeshadow and all, on a regular night, don't think you can get away with it on Halloween. Your skin will show for it in the morning.

That being said, here are some makeup removal tips when your evening comes to a close:

  • If you wore glitter, you probably have a friggin' trail showing you where you partied last night (which will come in handy the next morning if you realize you lost your cell phone). How is it that glitter falls everywhere, yet is still so hard to remove from your body? Do a quick rinse off in the shower, and for the bits that remain (because there are always some super-power glitter pieces in every bag that can withstand a stream of water), use scotch tape to get them off. Works like a charm. 
  • If you went all-out and did some kind of crazy scarring/bruising/something that my simple mind can't even fathom-type of makeup application, put a thin layer of Vaseline on your skin first before applying when you're getting ready for the night. It will make it so much easier to take off at the end.
  • If you used latex makeup, do not use oily makeup removers. You can probably peel most of it off, but for the difficult areas, simply use soap and water to loosen it up. 
  • A lot of Halloween makeup kits include cold cream -- use it! This remover is made specifically for this kind of makeup, so it works better than regular makeup removers. You can also buy cold creams separately, usually found in the same aisle as the Halloween makeup. It usually takes two or three applications before it's completely removed.
  • Use cotton balls and regular makeup remover for your eyes. Cotton swabs are lifesavers if you wore heavy eyeliner.
  • After your character has been thoroughly washed away, be sure you slather on some moisturizer. Your skin took quite a beating tonight and needs to be replenished. 

Are you planning on wearing a lot of makeup for your costume this year?


Image via BC Living/Flickr

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