Gene Simmons Does It: Are Men in Makeup a Do or Don't?

Apparently there's a new trend in men's style and it's making some (meaning me) want to retch: Men's makeup.

OK, so actors have to do it and musicians and Gene Simmons, but generally speaking, I'm not a fan of makeup on women, let alone on men.

What is going on?

According to Lemondrop:

3.3 million males in Britain admit to wearing makeup or some sort of cosmetic products and one in seven will wear products like eyeliner, self-tanner, and concealer on a regular basis ... 26 percent saying they used makeup at least once a week, 13 percent said they apply daily, and 20 percent wear makeup to work.


OK, double standards are a bummer (who am I kidding? They are awesome), but seriously, I would never go out in public with a man wearing makeup unless he were also wearing high heels, a sequined dress, and asking me to call him Flo.

You wanna be a drag queen? Cool. But otherwise? Look like a guy.

I'm not a fan of makeup on women, either. I think it looks fake and weird and honestly if you aren't pretty without it, then you probably aren't pretty, period. And I suppose what's good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa, but come on now.

Call me Sarah Palin, but I like my men to be men. I like sports and sweat and yelling and testosterone. That is what turns me on. If you want to get with me, lay off the foundation.

So sue me.

Would you be OK with your man wearing makeup?

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