Katie Holmes, Take Off Those Moccasins

katie holmes moccasinsOh, Katie Holmes, what are you doing wearing moccasins?

Don't you know you're a style icon and that if people start to see you walking around in moccasins, they're going to start believing that moccasins are cute and should be worn. Around. Should be worn. Ever.

It's just not okay, Katie (and don't try to look all casual and nonchalant in your moccasins; I know what you're doing ... I see you!!!). Soon, designers -- even the really fancy designers -- are going to start making them and selling them and then all the big box stores are going to knock them off and start selling them, too. Normal, average-looking people are going to be out innocently shopping for some somewhat stylish shoes and instead, they're going to come across moccasins. Stacks and stacks and rows of moccasins.

Wait, what? It's too late? Moccasins are already all over the stores this fall? Great. Just great.

Thanks a lot, Katie.


I admit, in 7th grade, these white leather Thunderbird Moccasins were totally in and I got a pair, and I loved them so. In fact, I loved them so much that I wore them out and had to get a second pair.

However, once you've done moccasins, you can't do moccasins again, right? That's what I'm thinking. Now, how, how do I get my web browser to hide all moccasins when I'm shoe shopping? Is there like Parental Moccasin Control software? Cause I think I'm getting brainwashed into liking moccasins since I see them so much.

Moccasins like these keep showing up on my computer screen:


Kilty Driving Moc ($48) at Free People

teal moccasins Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman Mocarena ($112.50) at 6pm

tod's moccasins

Tod's 'Country Club' Driving Moccasins ($340) at Bluefly

prada moccasins

Prada Sport Moccasins ($170) at YOOX

blue moccasinsMossimo Supply Co. Oba Moccasin Shoes ($19.99) at Target


Maddie Moccasin ($225) at Free People

Katie Holmes, make the moccasins go away! You (probably) brought them into this world and you can take them out. Do what you have to do.

I think I might love moccasins! Help!

Are you into moccasins and the cult of Katie Holmes shoe trends?


Top image via SplashNews


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