SCARFSHOP: Best Scarves Ever & How to Wear Them

SCARF SHOP scarvesThank goodness it's finally fall now, a.k.a. scarf season, because I've been dying to wear my teal SCARFSHOP scarf again. It is one of my most favorite items in my fall and winter wardrobe. I missed wearing it all summer long.

In even more exciting new, SCARFSHOP is now open with all new scarves for fall. Get them while they last (they go quickly!).


The scarves at SCARFSHOP (via Martha McQuade, the clothing designer behind Uniform Natural) are beautiful hand-dyed gossamer scarves that come in 4 sizes -- long + skinny, regular, BIG, and GIANT-- ranging from $15 to $60 + free shipping in the U.S., and they come in 16 delicious colors. Each scarf is dyed in small batches, which gives each one a rich, slightly mottled color. Seriously, these come in the best colors! The Mustard, Plum, Rust, and Cayenne! The Fog, Rose, and Charcoal! Swoon!

The scarves are made from an unbleached open weave cotton, and they are light as air. They feel so good and spruce up any outfit. They even make jeans and T-shirt look good.

I wear my teal regular-size scarf triple wrapped and tucked into whatever fall jacket I'm sporting. Works great with my heavy winter coat, too.

Check out this How to Wear a Scarf post if you're new to scarf-wearing or need a refresher course or get scarf-inspired by visiting the How I Wear My UNIFORM Scarf photostream on Flickr. Real customers upload photos of themselves wearing their gossamer scarves in a number of lovely ways.

To find out about new colors, fabrics and specials, sign up on the SCARFSHOP mailing list or follow @scarf_shop on Twitter.

Are you a scarf fanatic? What's your favorite color?



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