How to Make Your Own Mittens -- Quick & Easy!

fingerless glovesEvery year when the weather starts getting cold, I think about gloves, but I usually get extremely disappointed when I shop for them. Most are too short (hello, my wrists need to stay warm, too) and so many of them are just way too expensive. I also love the fingerless mittens provided they too are long so I can still grab on to things (or text). I'd just layer in a pair of short gloves when it gets really cold.

This year, instead of buying a pair, I'm going to make my own. And you can, too.

All you need is an old sweater, needle and thread, scissors, and about 10 minutes to dedicate.


You might have a sweater from last year that is ... well so last year. Perhaps you can even craft fingerless mittens for the whole family out of that sweater (or maybe two or three sweaters depending on how many people are in your family). Or you can pick up a cheap one from your local second-hand shop in a color or print you love (and one that matches with your coat) and make some from that. Here's how:

how to make fingerless gloves

You can also use the arms of the sweater and sew in thumbhole and hem -- making extra long gloves or a pair for your daughter.

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Will you be crafting your own fingerless mittens this year? What sweater are you ready to cut up?

Photos by Raymond Hom. Copyright © 2010, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Originally published in the October 2010 issue of Whole Living: Body+Soul magazine in Balance section.

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