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Meg RyanRemember when we all wanted to look just like Meg Ryan?

From When Harry Met Sally to Sleepless in Seattle, it was not all that long ago that she was America's Sweetheart, giving women like Julia Roberts a serious run for their money.

And then she had that affair and fell from grace.

And then she made a few films that bombed.

And then she sort of disappeared for a while.

And then? Oh, Lord. You won't believe what's happened now.

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Meg Ryan
It's Meg all right, and yet it's ... NOT Meg.

Something's happened to her face. Something bad.

If she's in the running for a part in the Batman franchise as the Joker's wife, then her new look is understandable. Otherwise?


Surely age spots and wrinkles would be preferable to this?!

I'm sad, really, that so many of Hollywood's most beautiful women begin allowing their faces to be altered the moment they begin to age. Botox and collagen injections are absolutely ruining women who would still be very beautiful if they had simply aged gracefully.

Meg will be 50 next month. I think she'd still look fabulous if she'd used her money to find a great facialist.

What do you think?


Images via friskytuna/Flickr, Splash News

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tonya... tonyalynn

she looks great

shann... shannonin30s

I have been saying the same thing about her strange face for the last couple of years.  It's depressing that she has made the decision to mess around with it.  She needs to get a new surgeon.

nonmember avatar Lea

If you're going to do comparison shots, you should pick two professional shots or two candid ones, not one glamour photo and one random one. You're totally discounting the effect of professional photography and studio lighting. This article = not up to scratch.

Brad Bowling

I have been saying this same thing to my wife for several years about Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger, Reba McEntyre, and a half-dozen other celebrity women who were once very attractive but now look like Howard the Duck. Stop with the crazy surgery, ladies! It's dangerous and the results are usually very disturbing to the people you are trying to impress.

Carey... Carey2006

Too much something going on there!

nonmember avatar suzzi

Meg's entire career was predicated on being cute! She was never a great beauty. It's hard to be cute when you are 50 and all the surgery in the world is not going to change that.

tazdvl tazdvl

Doesn't look like her.

Brian Truscott

wow. that's not aq good thing. loved her - watched her on TV shows after the break-up...totally dark and seriously screwed up. She took bad advice from someone.

nonmember avatar Alba

good 'God' help us all.
./ .]

nonmember avatar Lynda

I am hoping that Meg's face will "relax" in time...with whatever she did to sad. As for her falling from grace....I wonder how many time's Dennis fell from grace in some way or another? Just saying......THE YOUNG and the RESTLESS, she was so young...and I love her still, warts and all.

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