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Meg RyanRemember when we all wanted to look just like Meg Ryan?

From When Harry Met Sally to Sleepless in Seattle, it was not all that long ago that she was America's Sweetheart, giving women like Julia Roberts a serious run for their money.

And then she had that affair and fell from grace.

And then she made a few films that bombed.

And then she sort of disappeared for a while.

And then? Oh, Lord. You won't believe what's happened now.

Check out "The New Meg Ryan" after the jump ...




Meg Ryan
It's Meg all right, and yet it's ... NOT Meg.

Something's happened to her face. Something bad.

If she's in the running for a part in the Batman franchise as the Joker's wife, then her new look is understandable. Otherwise?


Surely age spots and wrinkles would be preferable to this?!

I'm sad, really, that so many of Hollywood's most beautiful women begin allowing their faces to be altered the moment they begin to age. Botox and collagen injections are absolutely ruining women who would still be very beautiful if they had simply aged gracefully.

Meg will be 50 next month. I think she'd still look fabulous if she'd used her money to find a great facialist.

What do you think?


Images via friskytuna/Flickr, Splash News

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sstepph sstepph

Wow, doesn't look like her!!!

Kaci Kaci

She was cute. Now not only does she look like shes had too much "work" done on her face, but she looks smaller also. Skinnier. And the older we get and the less we weigh, the older we look.

mamac... mamacita69930

Too much juverderm too high on her lip line. She needed to go down a notch. As for her career, oh well. That was a time of girlie movies and now not so much. 

Linds... LindsayFerrier

I think she's had some surgical "stretching" too. Look how taught her mouth and eyes are pulled. She just doesn't look like herself anymore.

nonmember avatar Jenny

She should have opted for the breast lift instead. (This comment brought to you by a four-time breastfeeder who can mop the floor with her girls.)

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Aw, she used to be so adorable, and now it's just weird.  I wish women would just stop trying to "fix it" when they start to look their age, and just do it gracefully.


JenBr... JenBrooks76

I agree. Why can't women just age naturally?? 

truth... truthrowan

She's smiling and crinkling up her face, of course she doesn't look good. Doesn't mean she's had a ton of work done though.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Oh trust me, I looked through about 40 photos of her and they all looked just like this one, no matter what her expression!

Elizabeth Pattison

I think she might have had cheek implant.

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