Beyonce Launches Temporary Tattoos -- Hot or Not?

Beyonce temporary tattoosTemporary tattoos have come a long way from the ones you fished out of the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, licked, and stuck to your bicep for two minutes before peeling it off to reveal a cute flower. They're considered "makeup accessories," with iconic high-end design houses such as Chanel selling them, though at a whopping $75, you might as well just get the real thing.

Thankfully, Beyonce has come to rescue our inner bad-asses and is launching a $16 basic temporary tattoo kit ($34 for the deluxe) with her mother's design label, House of Deréon, available November 1.


Beyonce temporary tattoosThe designs will include the signature fleur icon and chains, spider designs, rocker bolts, and jewel baubles that last up to five days. The designs are very '60s pinup girl meets futuristic biker chick.

Though I'm a fan of real tattoos, I like the idea of temporary tats. Being able to look down at a cool rocker bolt on my wrist would definitely make rainy days (like today) easier to get through, no commitment required.

It'd also be good for those that are toying with the idea of a tat, but not sure if they are able to handle the whole "forever" aspect of it.

But trying to put these things on myself? Er, I can't even put on nail polish without smudging.

What do you think of temporary tattoos? Would you wear them?


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