'Private Practice' Dress: Hate It or Love It?

The dress Dr. Charlotte King wore to Violet and Pete's wedding on Private Practice more or less deserved its own show.

Or was it a dress and blouse?

On the top, it was vivid blue and the bottom was brown with pink roses. At first glance, it looked awful, but then it grew on me.

It was a bold choice that I hated for the first five minutes and then decided it was amazing. And now I want it, can't get it out of my mind.

Did anyone else see it?


Have you ever seen a dress that looks horrible at first glance, but soon after becomes a must-have?

This is why trying on clothing is so crucial. You can't tell on the rack what it might look like on the body. On the wrong person, Charlotte's dress may have looked like that of a hopeless fashion victim. On her, it looked fantastic.

Would you consider wearing such a bold dress?


Image via Abc.com

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