When Granny Wore Jeggings and Other Fashion Disasters

FlickrI took the kids to the zoo over the weekend, and while we were there, I noticed an unusually large number of, shall we say, interesting fashion decisions.

Perhaps it was the animals that inspired so many to wear the wildest things they could come up with.

Or maybe people were trying out their Halloween costumes a few weeks early.

Whatever the reason, the result was that I ended up with a few pictures to show you of some clothing choices I personally can't recommend.

For starters, just when I thought I'd seen it all, Granny showed up in jeggings.

Jeggings really shouldn't be worn by anyone over the age of 23 and even then, I hate the look. HATE. IT.

But if jeggings are now catching on with the Lawrence Welk set?


And this wasn't the only grandma at the zoo who's traded Charter Club for Wet Seal ...



FlickrThis grandma opted for the cut-out back on her slinky black shirt, giving us all a good look at her bra. Somehow, I don't think the AARP would approve ...

But wait! There's more!


FlickrYou will probably be relieved to know that the she-mullet is still alive and well -- at least in Tennessee.

I'm fascinated by this hairstyle. Did this woman actually use the word "mullet" when she asked for a haircut? Or did she go the coy route and request "business in the front and party in the back"?

This question will haunt me for days.


FlickrFinally, let this be a lesson to all of us ... the next time your husband attempts to head to the zoo in a black velvet shirt with cut-out sleeves?

Just. Say. No.

As a word to the wise, however, if your hairdo was inspired by Rainbow Brite, he may not take you seriously.

Did you see any fashion disasters this weekend?

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