Bloggers Ask Target to Include Plus Sizes in Designer Collaborations

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TargetMarie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista today wrote a post on her blog asking Target to expand its designer collaborations to fit plus-size women. She writes:

Why do you ignore, shun, and sweep me to the side when I want to shop too? Each season, you skillfully and beautifully execute exclusive designer collaborations and partnerships with the leading fashion designers- all to make high fashion attainable to the American woman- yet you ignore me. As plus size women, we are oft neglected, overlooked and always sized out of your collections.


She makes a good point.



Target is one of the most widely-shopped stores in America. If 62% of American women are size 14 or above, then why isn't Target catering to one of its primary demographics?

Denee, along with Patrice from Afrobella and Sarah from Style It Online have created a petition asking Target to include plus sizes in its designer collaboration collections. So far, 531 women have signed it... and I expect many more signatures will follow as this petition gains steam.

Many of the petition signers also have left their own comments for Target.

"I LOVE Target, but your Plus Sized shops have shrunk and offer nothing fun," writes Lo.

"I purchased everything I could from the Liberty of London Target collection and I would have done even more damage if any of the clothing would have fit me!!!" writes Kathleen.

"The lack of plus-sized options prevents me from visiting Target. Ever," writes Wendy.

So what do you think? Should Target expand its plus-size options? Will you sign the petition?


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JenBr... JenBrooks76

I have dropped Target from my shopping fun because their plus sizes are so....lacking. On my way to sign that petition now! 

RanaA... RanaAurora

I think it's a fantastic idea.

However, just like I don't like seeing "plus size" clothes on regular mannequins because it doesn't show you how it would actually fit on a plus-sized model, there are regular sized clothing that would look poor on a plus-sized model as well.

It is a little more complicated to make clothes fit different sizes, buy you know what? They should definitely do it!  Some people are incredibly unhappy with their weight, and having to see all sorts of clothing they love and can't fit into (or seeing stuff they hate that they can) can be even worse for self-esteem.

Marsh... MarshaCWP

Target should give plus-size women more choices.  But just making the same things bigger doesn't really work.  I'd like to see designers make special collections just for plus size women, that will fit well and be flattering on larger bodies.  Some of the plus-size sites you've featured have the type of clothing I'm talking about.  Target could make fashion-forward, attractive, fun clothes for the large luscious ladies as well.

white... whiteroses82

I feel like they take the junior clothes and turn them into plus sizes.  I am not 13, nor do I want to look like one!


They definitely need to offer more selection for plus sized women.  I honestly was not aware of the lack of selection for plus sized women because I am not plus sized and have not perused that section of the clothing dept,  but I think it would be only fair for them to have just as many options as I do!!!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

I love shopping at target but for my son because I really can't find that many cute things in there plus section and the section is next to the materinty stuff. I think every show now just target show have more of selection of plus clothes.

MyKid... MyKidsSccrMom

Could not agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Sally Rogers

While we're at it, can they add petites too?

nonmember avatar KatieM

Not plus size currently but I have been before, going to sign the petition now.

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