Ali Lohan Latest to Join Sexy Little Sister Club

Ali LohanEyes. Hair. Nose. Maybe even teeth. Those things can run in the family, yes? But, I'm starting to think that there just might indeed be a slutty gene out there. Scientists, you should really look into that.

The latest younger sister strutting her stuff is Ali Lohan, 16-year-old sis to the train-wreck better known as Lindsay. Somehow LiLo managed to put out a clothing line while in jail, and her sister Ali is modeling the clothes. That's sweet. Until you look at the photos ... not so sweet.


Cute dress, I'd totally buy it to surprise my man in the bedroom. Oh wait, it's an actual dress. Sigh. Must be because I'm old, huh? Kids these days and their clothing ...

However, Ali is practically a nun compared to some little sisters. Remember that sexed up bikini photo shoot that the youngest Kardashian/Jenner did at the extremely young age of 14? Now that was inappropriate.

What's the deal with the kids? Take it from me ladies, act like a child while you still can. Do not rush to be an adult, it's definitely not worth it. And tell your crazy lady of a mom to stop making you do it. I can see Dina Lohan now ... stuffing Ali's bra so her boobs look bigger for the shoot, "We gotta make money for the family, honey."

And, while this is a little off-topic, I have to point out: who the heck was the photographer? It looks like they took the photographs on ugly plush carpet against a white wall -- ooh, yeah, Lindsay's probably strapped for cash nowadays ... "Mom! We need to use the living room!"

Do you think what these girls wear is age-appropriate?

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