'America's Next Top Model' Recap: A Sister Is Dismissed!

America's Next Top Model
Former blonde Sara worried that her son would no longer recognize her.

Is a shot at the Top Model title worth leaving your little one behind?

Apparently so. Or at least it was for one of this week's two eliminees on America's Next Top Model season 15.

Wannabe poser Sara left her 14-month-old son, Caden, behind to do the competition, and was lamenting that decision. Model mama Liz, who's got a 6-month-old daughter, commiserated, saying, "I feel like she thinks I've abandoned her. But it will be worth it."

I guess. But only if you win, right?


And for Sara, that's definitely not the case. In week three, she was one of the two model wannabes who got sent packing.

The other -- in a shocking move, given that this is a reality show and they're so about the drama -- was one of the two sisters, Terra.

Terra is the whiny, crybaby of the two. This week, she was the classic crier when the girls got their high-fashion makeovers. She got her locks chopped off and was not happy about the situation.

But the real makeovers hardly compared to the ones listed on the makeover sheet a few the girls -- Ana, Lexie, and Rhianna -- created as a prank. That list promised strawberry blonde afros and bald pates. Eeeps.

Still, there were some dramatic makeovers for sure, icy blondes, close crops, and lots of sleek and chic weaves. Kayla -- who came out last week as the lesbian of the bunch -- got a fire-engine red bob that really set off her pale features.

But she was confident enough to rock the look in this week's first photo challenge, which immediately followed the makeovers.

Terra, who cried through her makeover and couldn't work the new look during her shoot, was dismissed immediately. And her sister Chris was left "heartbroken."

Still, she managed to pull herself together in time for the next challenge, which involved the girls climbing into stints to play fallen angels -- caught by some yummy male models.

Ana, Kayla, Chris, and Chelsey fared the best in the challenge, with Ana taking the top photo title two weeks in a row. Looks like the 6'2" model will be the one to beat.

Terra's elimination came as a surprise to me. I thought they were going to play on that sibling drama -- will it be revelry or rivalry? -- till the final episode. But I guess Terra just wasn't cutting it.

Still, she wasn't the only one to go. In judging, Sara and Lexie ended up in the final two. Sara got cut because, according to Vogue fashion editor Andre Leon Talley, there was "no aspiration or inspiration" in her photos.

Expect lots more drama next week, when the girls have to pose with crabs, eels, and other creepy undersea creatures.

Were you surprised that they sent Terra, one of the two sisters cast this season, packing this week?

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