J. Lo Jumpsuit: Fabulous or a Frightful Farrah Fail?

Jennifer Lopez J. Lo jumpsuit

Yesterday at the American Idol press conference, Ryan Seacrest officially announced Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as the new judges for the new season.

In quite the production spectacle, J. Lo rose up out of the ground in a ray of light and a poof of smoke, wearing a pleated and sparkly jumpsuit, big and lovely feathered hair, and some gorgeous platform peep toes. If you squinted for even a second, you may have thought Farrah Fawcett, circa Charlie's Angels, had come back for a visit.

So there are two questions. Do you think J. Lo's stylist Farrah'd her out on purpose, as sort of a sweet, feathery homage to Farrah? And really, can anyone wear a jumpsuit besides Farrah -- even the almighty, fashionably talented "Jenny from the Block" -- and get away with it?


Ode to Farrah

Love those Farrah feathers!

I'm generally of the opinion that Jennifer Lopez can do no wrong in the style department. However, I can't say I'm thrilled with this jumpsuit on her.

Love the hair (I shall always worship the feathered Farrah look), love the perfectly revealing, well-fitted bodice of the jumpsuit; however, what's up with those bulging and billowy pleats, and what woman in her right mind would say, "Sure! Put several inches of billowy pleats on my hips and thighs!"?

Even Farrah knew to wear flowy silk, no pleats, on her jumpsuits.

What do you think of J. Lo's glittery jumpsuit? Is she rockin' it, barely getting away with it, or flaunting a frightful Farrah fail?


Images via SplashNews and Francesco Scavullo

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