It's Dry Skin Season! 10 Habits You Need to Change to Stay Beautiful

As the weather starts to shift from summer to fall (sob) and we all start to think about jeans and boots and fall jackets, we also need to start rethinking our beauty routines.

The light flush of summer is likely gone from our cheeks and our skin is going to start to go dry. Although it is not yet cold enough to stop, soon we will want to break out the blow dryer and the hot styling tool and we all know what a mess that makes of our hair.

So, be prepared for winter with these beauty tricks.

10 Beauty Tricks That Will Bring You Into Fall:



Darken your hair: If you darken your hair at the beginning of the fall, you will have an easier time keeping it from drying out. The darker dyes are less harsh on the hair shaft. Besides, nothing says cozy in front of a fire like deep mahogany hair.

Add facial moisture: In the summer, you may cut out the oily facial moisturizer, but now you can add it back in. Make sure to protect your skin with thick moisture on the dry areas.

Don't cut back on sunscreen: Now is not the time to stop using sunscreen. If you are apple picking or hayriding or trick-or-treating, sunscreen is a must. Even now.

Deep conditioner/hair mask: Make sure you are deep conditioning your hair once a week. In the shower, apply it at the beginning and let the steam help it penetrate while you finish your shower.

Trade pedicures for manicures: Pedis are great in the summer, but if you can only get one, make sure you are protecting those cuticles. They take a beating in the cooler months.

Body scrubs: Take the extra time in the shower to really slough of all the dead skin you have been accumulating all summer long.

Chapstick: Apply, apply, apply. This is the season on chapped lips.

Blush: The summer may be over, but the summer blush can last all winter long, so long as you keep some on hand to apply to your cheeks.

Shorter nails: The best way to avoid brittle, dry nails? Keep them short and moisturized.

Hand/foot moisturizer: Apply deep moisture before bed, put socks and gloves on and go to sleep. In the morning, everything will be baby soft.

What are your fall beauty tricks?


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