Lady Gaga Is a Gray-Headed Copycat

Lady GagaYou no doubt saw Lady Gaga on the most recent Vanity Fair cover, rocking some long gray locks.

That Lady Gaga, you may have thought. So avant garde. So ahead of the times.

Such a copycat.

That's right. I know of a woman who saw this cover and probably wanted to stomp on it, because it's an obvious copy of her look -- one she's been proudly sporting on magazine covers now for months.

And her identity might surprise you.

Like Gaga, she was also a huge star once ...

But her fame reached its pinnacle back in 1993.






Kristen McMenamyRemember supermodel Kristen McMenamy? This is her in the early '90s, when she was the darling of the fashion industry. At her peak, she got pregnant, took a year off, and never quite recaptured her star status.

At least until recently, when she re-emerged on the scene sporting a long, beautiful, GRAY mane.

Kristen McMenamyShe's been gracing magazine covers and high-end designers' runways ever since. And while going gray has always been one of my worst fashion nightmares, Kristen has me rethinking it.


Kristen McMenamyHer look now is so striking, so unique, so high-fashion .... Could I pull it off? Could you?


Kristen McMenamy

Or is it a look better left to style icons like Kristen McMenamy -- and their copycats?

What do you think?


Images via Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, and Dazed & Confused

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