Best Beauty Secret You Already Own

The most important beauty product we can use is everywhere. It flows from our taps (and in some cases our refrigerators) and yet most of us are not using nearly enough of it.


We all know the benefits. It hydrates our body and skin, keeps us looking youthful and vibrant, helps our skin stay supple, and keeps our whole body in good working order.

Still, it's very hard to get the daily recommended 8, 8-oz. glasses. Of course, people who exercise a lot (like me) need even more than that, nearly 2 cups per hour of exercise, depending on the intensity.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the urine running clear. But for anyone with a life who doesn't want to be running to the bathroom 14 times an hour, it isn't easy to drink.

But we should.

  1. Get it from fruits and veggies, not just water itself: According to Dr. Howard Murad, a U.S. dermatologist and "inclusive health" expert, this is a particularly good way for us to up our water intake and is vital for controlling the aging process. "The water we consume when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t just any water," he says. "It’s water that is encapsulated within the structure of food to provide us with a slow and steady infusion as we digest."
  2. Keep a bottle everywhere: I have six water bottles and they are all full. I keep one at my desk, one by my bed, one in each car, one in the TV room, and one in the diaper bag. This way I'm never without water.
  3. Keep a "water timer": Set the timer on your phone to ring every hour. When it does, drink a full glass of water
  4. Mix up the water with ice or fruit: Slice strawberries or lemons or limes and put them in the pitcher with the water. The added flavor helps take away from the monotony of plain water.
  5. Drink a full glass of water before each meal: Doing this will also aid weight loss as it helps you feel fuller faster. In addition, that is three glasses of water you no longer need to worry about!

How do you make sure to drink enough water?


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