Hillary Clinton: The Hair Clip Seen Round the World

hair clip
The clip at the center of all the controversy.
Media outlets have been poking fun at Hillary Clinton all day for a butterfly hair clip she wore to a meeting at the UN headquarters to discuss disaster-relief for Haiti and Pakistan. (Click link to see photo of Clinton wearing the "offensive" clip.)

Admittedly, I have a similar clip in my bathroom that I use only at night to hold my hair back when I wash my face -- it's never actually seen the light of day. But who cares what the Secretary of State is wearing? It's maddening how much buzz a hair accessory is attracting especially when there are world events that demand much more attention.

I think all of Hillary Clinton's fashion critics are just jealous!


Don't believe me? Well, look at this photo of Hillary Clinton from the front. The clip is barely visible and instead we see her looking younger than usual, neat, professional, and put together.

The press is so used to ragging on this woman that anything even a touch out of the ordinary -- like something as simple as a plastic clip -- draws immediate fire. I bet there were some men at that meeting wearing equally offensive cheap suits, but why do we never, ever hear about them?

Hillary Clinton certainly didn't deserve some of these rude comments from the press:

There's this gem from the Daily Mail:

Mrs Clinton's hair was scraped back and clipped on top of her head, but looked lank and in need of some love and understanding. 
Also, this commentary from Daily News:
The secretary of state's chic coif was nowhere to be seen as she arrived at the United Nations over the weekend with her hair clipped back. 
And even the Huffington Post weighed in with a poll asking readers if Hillary's hair was too casual for the UN.

Comments about the hair of someone so high in office should be been buried at the bottom of a story after details about what she accomplished in said meeting. (Saving them for the Beauty and Style section of the publication is also acceptable!)

What do you think of the hubbub surrounding Hilary's hair clip?


Image via Demen/Flickr

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