Dressed in Denim Head-to-Toe: Sounds Ugly But It's Not!

The "Canadian Tuxedo" -- denim on the top and denim on the bottom -- is an oft-mocked look that few can really pull off, but sometimes its pull can be enticing.

We all have the jean jacket we love and the same goes for that perfect pair of jeans. There have been hundreds of times I'm wearing my jeans, but gazing lovingly at my jean jacket wishing I could wear it, too.

Earlier this summer, I read that denim on denim was suddenly cool. Liv Tyler was recently spotted wearing it in NYC and, despite the headline declaring it a "fashion faux pas," she still looked pretty hot.

So, is it a do or a don't?


Some people will always be adamantly against it, while others can see its appeal.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake probably wore the most famous example, but it creeps up everywhere from time to time and I have to wonder: what is so wrong with it? It isn't that bad, is it?

It goes by many names: "The denim suit" and the JOJO (Jean-On-Jean-Offense). But it's something that's most commonly worn in the fall when it's cool enough to need a jacket, but not cold enough to wear a heavy one.

With jean jackets still very much in demand and a wardrobe that consists almost entirely of jeans, I have no choice. This fall I am going to wear my dark skinny jeans and I am also going to wear my jean jacket.

Take that, fashion police!

Do you ever wear jean on jean?



Image via thecanadiantuxedo.com


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