Hey Julia Roberts, Act Your Age.

Dear Julia Roberts,

You're one of my all-time favorite celebrities. You're one of the most beautiful women in the world.

You're only 43 years old, and we know from the examples of Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sharon Stone that you've still got plenty of years left before your A-list Hollywood Hottie status is called into question.

Why, then, have you taken to dressing like Dame Judi Dench?

The most recent example occured yesterday at your Eat Pray Love premiere in Paris, but there are plenty more recent appearances at which you appeared to be channeling Rue McClanahan.


At the Italian premeiere of Eat Pray Love, you wore a dress better suited for Helen Mirren.

At your Tokyo premiere, you looked frumpy and uncomfortable.

And in Mexico not long ago, I'm pretty sure you accidentally picked up someone else's suitcase at the airport.

Yet despite all these recent faux pas, we all know you still have it in you to look like this ...

Julia Roberts

So for the sake of the Pretty Woman we all know is still hiding somewhere beneath those Sophia Loren castoffs you've been wearing lately, could you please return to dressing like the unreasonably beautiful, sexy glamazon we all know and love?

Thanks much,


Images via Splash News

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