Lindsay Lohan & The Art of Going Commando

Going out sans underwear is an art form that many celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, are ruining for the rest of us.

Skipping underwear is awesome for a few reasons, but the most important is avoiding the cardinal sin of fashion faux pas -- the visible panty line.

There is nothing more uncouth or less sexy than those tell-tale lines on a woman's backside. I will go to great lengths to avoid that myself and that includes going commando on occasion.

There are other reasons, too.


These include:

  • Men love it.
  • It can be quite comfortable.
  • No panty lines.
  • Did I mention no panty lines? 

Unfortunately, celebrities ruin it with their crotch shots and see-through blouses. They make something that should be a subtle secret known only by you and your man into fodder for Perez Hilton and his Twitter account.

But skipping underwear need not be a trashy move, especially on the bottom. Now, I will admit, going braless is simply not an option for me. It never really was, but especially after two pregnancies and three years of breastfeeding (still going!), the girls need all the support they can get.

But skipping underwear isn't something you tell others. If others know you have no underwear, then you have failed. If you're going commando, here are some tips:

DON'T wear: 

  • Low waisted pants
  • Short skirts
  • See-through blouses
  • White tops
  • Tight jeans

DO wear:

  • Pants with smooth, pocketless backs.
  • Longer skirts
  • Yoga pants
  • Tanks with shelf bras
  • Strapless dresses

Going commando can be awesome. Just do it right and no one has to know.

Do you ever skip underwear?


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