Inspired by Sandra Bullock: Seven Secrets to Great Hair

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock has been in the news quite a bit lately for obvious reasons-- but I don't think about her divorce or her adoption when I see her.

I think about her HAIR.

The woman is 46 years old, an age by which many women's hair has gone from silky and shiny to straw-like and unmanageable.

At an age when most women are literally cutting their losses when it comes to their hair, Sandra has kept hers long and luscious-- and you have to admit, it definitely gives her a more youthful appearance.

So how does she get that incredible volume and shine?

I have some ideas...






1. She gets a good cut. Regularly.

Sandy's hair may be long, but it's always trimmed to perfection. Regular hair cutting appointments can keep your mane from looking stringy, flat, and dried out.

Amazon2. She uses a high-quality flat iron.

Make like Sandra, ditch your $20 drugstore flat iron, and invest in a high-quality, hair-protecting flat iron, like this BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Ionic Iron (Amazon, $90.25). As someone who's used both kinds of flat irons, trust me, the investment is totally worth it. You'll see a huge difference in your hair's shine.


Sephora3. She protects her hair with thermal spray.

Before you blow dry, curl or straighten, take a moment to spritz some thermal protectant spray on your hair, like this ghd Thermal Protector (Sephora, $19). When Pantene's stylist curled my hair for the Rumpled to Runway show a few weeks ago, she sprayed some on each piece that she curled. Telling, right?

4. She uses a high-gloss color on her hair.

As long as your color doesn't contain peroxide and you're not using it too often, it's going to add a lovely shine and "sealant" to your hair.


Moroccanoil5. She uses Moroccanoil.

This is just a guess, but I'm betting Sandra uses this product, along with just about every other starlet out there. We've discussed the benefits of Moroccanoil before- It is AMAZING. And if you're afraid that it will be too much for your hair, you can try Moroccanoil Light or use what I use- Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream. I put a tiny dollop in my hair after washing and towel drying it and it really makes a huge difference. 

Revlon6. She uses a hair dryer with an ion switch.

When I needed a new hair dryer recently, I chose this Revlon Ion Hair Dryer (Amazon, $19.98). I didn't really buy into the claim that the dryer "used negative ions to reduce the size of water droplets on my hair and reduce drying time," but surprisingly, the promise seems to be true. My hair does in fact take less time to dry with this hair dryer- In fact, the other day I noticed it was taking me forever to dry my hair, and when I checked the ion switch, I realized it had accidentally been turned off. Hmm. Less blow dry time means healthier hair. I'm sold.

7.  She does nothing at all to her hair as often as possible.

I see quite a few pictures of Sandra when she's out and about and notice that if she doesn't have anything special going on, she does nothing to her hair. With a great cut, she doesn't need to. If you don't have to style your hair every single day, it's simply going to be healthier, stronger, and shinier. End of story.

Do you have any healthy hair secrets? Share them in the comments!

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