Ines Sainz, This Is How You Should Dress

Ines SainzPoor Ines Sainz, the beautiful sports reporter who was "asking for" the sexual harassment she received when she entered the Jets locker room.

Her outfit choice of a white blouse, jeans, and boots was apparently too provocative for the NFL (what was she thinking?). Next time, she should wear something along the lines of this ...








This pretty Basic Editions' floral turtleneck will leave pretty much everything to the imagination. No cleavage here! Oh and it's only $6 ... bargain!


You won't have to worry about being accused of wearing tight jeans ever again! This pair of twill pull-on pants is formless, and the elastic waist will make them super-comfy to wear. Hey, you can even go toss a football with the boys in these.


Just think of how much happier your feet will be wearing these comfy loafers as opposed to stilettos?


And for those special nights out, this long-sleeved, mid-calf-length dress is authentically handmade by the Amish -- ooo, vintage! And don't you think that blue color will bring out her eyes?

What do you think of the Ines Sainz situation? Do you think because of what she was wearing she was "asking for it"?


Images via jrsnchzhrs/Flickr,,,,


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