Hello, J.Crew Factory! Goodbye, Wallet!

J. CrewAs if you needed another reason to lust over J.Crew's cool clothing and accessories, now the retailer has introduced J.Crew Factory, a weekends-only limited quantity sale on some pretty awesome J.Crew gear.

It's like having a J.Crew Outlet on your computer, which is exactly what I needed since Nashville's first-ever J.Crew Outlet flooded and shut down only nine days after opening. I feel stabby just thinking about it.

But this tuxedo tunic (J.Crew Factory, $40), available in black or white, is making me feel all better. It would look great on its own with black skinny pants or layered under a black jacket ...

And there's so much more!



J. Crew

Elevate the t-shirt and jeans look with this cool Rorshach-print tee (J.Crew Factory, $20.50). This would also look great under a black blazer, FYI.


J. CrewLayer one of the hottest looks for fall into your wardrobe with this Cheetah Tank (J.Crew Factory, $24.50).


J. CrewGet in on the cozy cardigan trend with this baby-stripe ribbed cardigan (J.Crew Factory, $39.50).


J. CrewBe the coolest mom at playgroup in this crystal web necklace (J.Crew Factory, $41.50).


J.CrewGet the dress short look down pat with this smart trouser short (J.Crew Factory, $49.50), available in gray and black.


J.CrewOutfit yourself in a pretty, feminine coat for winter with this wool ruffle-front coat (J.Crew Factory, $162.50).

There are plenty more deals to be had, but the Factory's only open until Sunday at midnight, EST, so hurry up and visit!


Images via J.Crew Factory

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