Hair How-To: Fashion Week Inspires a Pretty Modern Chignon

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Who doesn't adore the look of a lovely chignon? I'm pretty sure I do, but what the heck's a chignon?

You've seen them. A chignon (pronounced sheen-yan) is a pretty textured bun hairstyle. You'll see this hairstyle on those gorgeous statues of Roman and Greek women in the first century. It's a wonderful, simple hairstyle that can look great for an evening out or very pretty even with jeans and a t-shirt. It's so "I just threw my hair up and happen to look fabulous." I like that.

Pictured above, from STYLE360’s Gudnitz Couture presentation at Fashion Week, take a look a their modern take on the classic chignon. Nice huh? And we have step by step tips from the stylist so you can create this look at home.

I couldn't wait and tried it myself, too!


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Every Fashion Week, there is one hairstyle that looks so beautiful on the runway, but when you try to re-create the look at home, it never comes out the same. Well, no more! Back stage at Fashion Week, Sebastian’s lead stylist, Michelle Catralanello, shared her how-to tips on how to create this easy chignon look on our own:

  1. Subdivide the back and front of your hair, parting just behind the ear.
  2. Secure the back section in a ponytail with rubber band.
  3. Curl ponytail with a curling iron and then tease the hair up a bit.
  4. Create an exaggerated chignon, by twisting hair up and pinning back up with bobby pins (use a hair texturizer to hold the chignon in place).
  5. Take the front section of your hair and twist, add a brushable strong-hold hairspray.
  6. Cross section over back and pin to add a modern looking texture.

This looked like so much fun that I tried my own chignon at home real quick. I only have shoulder-length hair, and I still got it to work. The style took me less than five minutes. I didn't use hairspray on my first run, but I definitely would if I was going out with this hairstyle.

What do you think (please be kind)?

My first chignon.

I like how it looks tousled but styled too. Updos are so fresh and feminine. I think this is going to be my new go-to quickie hairstyle instead of boring ponytails all the time. And I can only get better at it with practice, right?

Once I get really good at it, I'm going get crazy and try the side chignon. Look out, ladies!

Do you wear a chignon sometimes? Any tips?


Images via Sebastian and Sheri Reed

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