What Was Gwen Stefani Thinking?!

Gwen StefaniWhat exactly was on Gwen Stefani's mind as she got dressed for New York City Fashion Week?

"I'm going to let the boys choose my outfit today!"


"I've GOT to change the lightbulb in my closet!"


"I'll do whatever it takes to get the spotlight back from that damn Katy Perry!"

Whatever Gwen was thinking, there's No Doubt in my mind that on this day, she was




What do you think of her outfit?


As if the Cosby sweater-esque cardigan wasn't bad enough, she had to add the most hideous harem pants I have ever seen in my life.

Add to that a pair of sandals that look like they came from Frederick's of Hollywood and some sort of half-skirt to cover her derriere, and you have what may be Gwen's most hideous outfit of all time.

And that's saying something.

Then there's the hair.


It's like she couldn't decide between braids, a ponytail, or some sort of messy, piecey thing, so she went and did all three.

Gwen, Gwen, Gwen. Will you ever learn?

What's particularly frustrating about this look is that quite often, Gwen has great style.

It's never too long, though, before she puts on an outfit that makes me wonder if she's just trying to mess with us.

Or maybe, in this case, she simply got dressed in her sleep.

What do you think of Gwen's Fashion Week ensemble? Did she pull it off? Or should she pull it off her body as soon as possible?

Image via Splash News


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