'Project Runway' Recap: Jackie O and Camel Toe

Project RunwayIn just a few short weeks, we've gone from 17 contestants down to 9 on Project Runway. Coming off last week, the guys notice how much quieter things are without Casanova around. Michael C. and Ivy still aren't best friends yet (how surprising!), after throwing visual daggers at each other last week when the judges were tearing Ivy apart.

Heidi tells the contestants that they're stepping back in time ... we already know they're going to create outfits with Jacqueline Kennedy in mind due to the promos from last week.

Tim gives a little history about Jacqueline and tells the designers that they have to make something that reflects "classic American sportswear" with her as their inspiration. So with a budget of $150, they sketch and they're off to Mood. All of this within the first five minutes!


Mondo is having trouble with his fabric, while Michael D. says he wants to make a more expensive-looking outfit, just with sportswear material. He claims he doesn't care at this point because he's losing his mind -- this will either be brilliant or terrible.

Valerie feels like she needs to win one after being in the top four times but never winning. The other designers note that she constantly asks for feedback from them. Michael C. also seems to need Tim's opinion in order to make a decision, but I don't necessarily see anything wrong with that.

Tim then comes in and announces that they'll be creating an additional item to go with the look: outerwear. They have to sketch and shop again. As Tim makes the rounds, he doesn't seem very impressed with any of the designs. While checking out Andy's look, he quips that "Jacqueline Kennedy would never have camel toe." Amen, brother.

It's at this point in the competition that I really have no idea what classic American sportswear is supposed to look like.

Let's hope January Jones does, as she's the guest judge for the week.

The bottom 3:

Project Runway 8

Valerie: Heidi thinks the top looks like a jacket (without the outerwear). She thinks it looks nothing like Jackie O. Michael K. thinks it has no impact at all, and that the skirt is boring. He doesn't like the collar and think the jacket is terribly made. Nina thinks the pleating and zippers were much too gimmicky. I just think this is a snooze-fest. Too much black and boring, not enough Jackie O.

Project Runway

Michael D: Michael K. thinks it's a schizophrenic Jackie Kennedy. He thinks the skirt is completely unflattering, which I totally agree with, and the top looks old and is an "insane concept." Heidi thinks the top doesn't fit and isn't sharp. January thinks it looks sloppy. Unfortunately there's no unity to this outfit at all, and perhaps Michael D. did lose his mind while he was thinking it up. Nothing seems to go together.

Project Runway

Andy: Wow, this one is awful. Heidi is shocked he came up with this for this particular challenge. She could never imagine Jackie in these pants and the tiny bolero. The pants were definitely ill-fitting -- she does have camel toe. January doesn't see American sportswear in it at all. Michael K. thinks it looks like MC Hammer meets Beverly Hillbillies grandmother and isn't a fan of the ankle boots. Nina calls the vest terrible and the whole outfit a "train wreck." I'm so disappointed in this after loving Andy's design last week.

The top 3:

Project Runway

Christopher: This was January Jones' favorite. Michael K. thinks it's elegant and sexy at the same time. But he wasn't impressed with the outerwear. Heidi thinks the wrap looks like a "dirty old rug." It covers up the pretty neckline. However, this looks nothing like sportswear to me, and seems to be more like a cocktail dress. And I do think that outwear is confused as to whether it should be a wrap or some sort of cape.

Project Runway

Mondo: Heidi thinks this outfit looks sharp and loud, but he followed the challenge. She also likes the jacket's lining. Michael K. thinks the t-shirt is fabulous and that Jackie would've worn that skirt. Nina says it's fun and elegant-chic. January agrees, not really adding anything pertinent to the discussion. I think this one is Jackie more than any of the others that I've seen, and I'd be shocked if he didn't win.

Project Runway

Ivy: Michael K. thinks it's elegant and very Jackie. Heidi thinks there might be too much design in the top after the jacket is closed, with a "boob hole" in the jacket, but agrees it's better without the coat. January likes the twisted tuxedo pant. Nina thought it was smart to keep it black and white. This was a great improvement over last week, and though I still find it rather boring, she channeled Jackie O. better than the others, that's for sure. But she still uses colors and designs that bore me to tears.

Mondo is the "clear winner" of this challenge! Congrats Mondo. And Michael D. is out, who pretty much called it from the beginning. That poor, poor skirt. But I'm still pretty surprised that Andy wasn't sent home, as his outfit was probably one of the most horrific things I've ever seen.

So what did you think of the winning and losing designs? Do you know what "classic American sportswear" is supposed to look like?


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