Such a Pretty Girl, Always a Miserable Face

Fashion Week
*Sob* ... it's SO hard to be pretty AND skinny AND wear something fuzzy on Fashion Week.
It's an inevitability during Fashion Week in New York City: Seeing lots of tall, gorgeous, anorexic-looking (usually white and/or blonde) models strutting their stuff on the runway, dressed head-to-toe in outfits I could never afford nor would ever wear without getting fired on the spot.

And I don't know about you, but I always wonder why fashion models always look so pissed off while walking down the runway, as if they're trying their best not to cry or throw a tantrum. I know, they're supposed to look fierce and badass, but if I were a designer, I'd want to feature women who actually looked like they were happy when wearing my stuff.

Ann Taylor seemed to listen to me. They wanted to highlight "real fashion for real women" by having their own employees walk down the runway ... while smiling and laughing and enjoying themselves.

How refreshing! Here's a look at some photos from their show.


Ann Taylor Fashion Show

Doesn't this model look amazing? And she's wearing something I could actually wear to work without getting fired! It must be such a treat for these employees to be able to walk down the runway and represent their brand. It's one thing to attend a fashion show, but to be a part of one is the chance of a lifetime.

Ann Taylor Fashion Show

These girls are definitely gorgeous, and not in your typical Fashion Week definition of gorgeous. Everyone watching the show seems like they couldn't care less whether these women were super-skinny models who had to be above the 5'10" height requirement (if there is such a thing, I just made that up -- but I'm sure there's some kind of height requirement to be a model at these kinds of shows!).

Ann Taylor Fashion Show

And the models look like they were having a fantastic time. Note my point above about designers always using pissed off models. It's so nice to see the model actually enjoying herself instead of pretending to be scary mad. Have you ever seen so many smiling faces at a fashion show before?

Ann Taylor Fashion Show

And this girl would totes be me, the one whose stiletto breaks in the middle of the runway. She took off both shoes with a flourish and then danced the rest of the way -- barefoot. Unlike other "professional" models whose dress could be down to their ankles and they act like nothing happened. Professional, shmoshmessional. We're all human. If a heel snaps off or a strap breaks, it's okay to acknowledge it. All of us can see it anyway!

Ann Taylor Fashion Show

So there you have it: Women who are the same height and shape as I am, all of different ethnicities and in clothes I could actually buy. Unheard of at Fashion Week! I'm so glad Ann Taylor broke the mold and showed off some of their beautiful employees. What better way to showcase "real" clothes than doing so with "real" women?

This may actually inspire me to stop by at Ann Taylor this weekend. Or at least make me wish that I worked there.

What do you think of Ann Taylor using their employees as models for their fashion show? Smart move or don't really care?


Images via Facebook; Ann Taylor

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