Nine Halloween Costumes to Avoid at All Costs

Sexy Chucky

Halloween is right around the corner -- and while you're probably intensely focused on what your child wants to wear and whether you can afford to make it happen, you might also want to take the opportunity to dress up right alongside your kids.

Maybe you're going to a Halloween block party. Or perhaps you just want to show solidarity with your children while taking them door to door.

Whatever your reason for getting dressed up, there are probably a few costumes that moms should avoid on Halloween night.

One of those would be the Sexy Chucky costume (Halloween Express, $47.97). I know, I know. You've always dreamed of being Sexy Chucky for Halloween.

But honey, I think that's something you need to take up with your therapist -- not the other mothers at your local mall's Trunk or Treat event.

Read on to see more costumes that moms might want to think twice about wearing on October 31.






Naughty NunI don't know about you, but many of the kids in my area attend local Catholic schools. I can't imagine you'll be the neighborhood's most popular mom if you show up at the Halloween block party in this Naughty Nun costume (Halloween Express, $34.99).


Sassy Big BirdYeah, yeah, little Landontington, Jr. just LOVES Big Bird. But mommy, this Sassy Big Bird costume (Halloween Express, $45.97) is going to do nothing but give him night terrors. The hat's even creeping me out.


Death EaterWhat mom wouldn't want to wear a Death Eater costume (, $33.99)? I know it's tempting, but for the sake of the children, just say no to this one.


Plug and Socket CostumeTrying to explain to your kids how babies are made? Perhaps this couples' Plug and Socket costume (, $38.99) can help ... or not.


Sexy SpongebobIt's one thing for you to dress your kid up as SpongeBob SquarePants. It's another thing altogether for you to dress up in a Sexy Spongebob Costume (, $48.99) for Halloween. Just writing 'Sexy SpongeBob' skeeves me out, frankly.


Sexy Miss Tater TotI literally have no words for this Sexy Miss Tater Tot Costume (, $38.99). No. Words.


Adult Baby Costume

Oh come on. Don't be such a baby. Seriously. Don't. Unless you want to guarantee your child's nerd status for life. Adult Baby Costume:, $27.99.


Naughty NemoIs your child crazy for Nemo? Well, you might want to think twice about ordering this Naughty Nemo Costume (, $52.99) for yourself. Just trust me on this one.


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