Coolest Book-Inspired T-Shirts for Women (No, Not Including 'Twilight')

Stay Gold Ponyboy T-shirt

"Stay Gold, Ponyboy" T-shirt

Anyone can mindlessly wear a Team Jacob or a Team Edward T-shirt around. Duh. How hard is that? And how smart? Yeah, yeah, you think a vampire or a werewolf is mighty sexy. Got it. But what else have you read lately? The world would like to know. Might possibly need to know.

If you really want to flaunt your literary aptitude, here are several cute, witty book-inspired T-shirt alternatives (and trust me, good literary T-shirts are hard to find).


The words and messages you wear on your T-shirt can say a lot about you. Think about it. People, whether they read actual books or not, read T-shirts and have been for a gazillion years. No one can resist the good writing across a T-shirt.

So let's prove to the world that women readers like MORE than popular vampire books. Let's just assume everyone already knows you read them all, okay?

Shown above:

Oh, I loved The Outsiders.

"Stay Gold Ponyboy" T-Shirt ($25) at CafePress

alice walker tshirt

Ode to The Color Purple (or blue, in the case of this T-shirt)

Alice Walker Hand Stenciled Shirt ($25) at KM Stitchery


Lord of the Flies Tshirt

Pure lawlessness!

Lord of the Flies Novel Tee in Ralph ($27.99) at ModCloth

Nancy Drew tshirt

Good ol' smart-sleuthing Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew 80th Anniversary Tee ($19.99) at Fred Flare

shakespearq quote tshirt"This above all -- to thine own self be true." -- William Shakespeare

 Vintage Crows Shakespeare Quote Organic T-Shirt  ($28) at CafePress

flowers in the attic tshirt

Don't call the good trash literature of my teenhood garbage!

Sophomore Flowers in the Attic Tee ($66) at ShopBop

What book (besides Twilight) do you want to see on a T-shirt?

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