Lipstain vs. Lipliner: I Put Them to the Test

Cover Girl Outlast LipstainRemember a few weeks ago, when I wondered whether I was the only one still using lipliner instead of lipstain?

Your responses were pretty much split.

Some of you, like me, stick with your tried and true lipliner, along with a little gloss to soften the edges.

Some of you wear nothing but lip balm on your lips.

And some live and die by the lipstain.

I was curious to try one of the new lip stains for myself, so when I received an e-mail about Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain, I asked them to send me a sample.

This morning, I opened it up, tried it out, and after several hours of wear, I have some very strong feelings about the results ....



Lipstain, where have you been all my life?

Cover Girl's lipstain is basically a magic marker for your lips. I requested one in Nude Kiss, for the most natural color possible, and when I colored in my lips with my marker, er, lipstain, it gave me the perfect amount of color. I topped it off with a little pale pink sheer lip gloss and it was a perfect daytime look. My lips have that just-bitten, non lipstick-y look, the gloss keeps them moisturized, and best of all, I don't have that annoying problem I sometimes have with my lipliner, where the rim of my lips stays lined and the color wears off in the middle.

Also? Eat. Drink. Kiss. (Well, I don't know about kissing yet. Hubs had to leave this morning before I woke up.) There's no trace of lip color on your cup or your sandwich or (I'm assuming) your man. Or woman. I LOVE THAT!

Just like that, in one morning, I am a lipstain convert.

I will definitely still use my lipliner at night, when I want a slightly more dramatic look, but by day, from now on it's going to be lipstain.

Not only that, my first thought was to go to the supermarket and choose more colors to try. Yes, I love it that much. And I'm thinking that this is one of those products that are pretty much the same whether you buy at the drugstore or the department store. I mean, it's lipstain. Either it stays on your lips or it doesn't. And I'm telling you, Cover Girl's DOES. Yay.

Have you tried lipstain yet? What's your favorite brand?

Disclosure: Cover Girl provided me with a sample. My opinion on the product is my own.


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